5 Things We Should Stop Expecting From Others

5 Things We Need to Stop Expecting From Others

1. Stop expecting others to be perfect
The beauty of life is that we’re all unique, that we’re human and we make mistakes. When we put people up on a pedestal and imagine they’re perfect, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. People’s shortcomings and imperfections are what makes them more likeable and relatable. Forgive yourself for being imperfect too.

2. Stop expecting others to give the best advice
When we’re faced with a challenge or dilemma, seeking advice from a trusted friend or family member is a natural thing to do. However, advice should be taken as another perspective and be considered as one of many options. If we always follow the advice of others, instead of learning to trust our own instincts, we are bound to encounter obstacles and possibly build resentments against the adviser.

3. Stop expecting others to always be supportive
We’ve all made decisions we thought were for the best, only to encounter naysayers. Whether it’s a job change, new relationship, or a decision to have or not have children, there will always be people who care but don’t share our enthusiasm. Lack of support doesn’t mean our decision is a bad one, it simply means that we’ve made a choice that isn’t necessarily a popular one. In the long run, our decisions are our own to live with, with or without support.

4. Stop expecting others to think like you do
Often times, when we are passionate about an issue, we see only the ways in which the issue is appealing to us. Others may have a completely different view point and find the issue unappealing or view it in a completely different way. The important thing to remember is to respect other people’s points of view without judging or criticizing them for their feelings. So many factors color our individual opinions, and when we can understand how a person views the world based on their upbringing, morals, or standards, we can allow people to share or oppose our opinion without conflict.

5. Stop expecting others to apologize
Some people are empathetic, compassionate, kind and considerate, and unfortunately, others are not. While some people filter the words they say, others speak carelessly without considering your feelings. We are responsible for our own emotions, yet we cannot control the words or deeds of others and our emotional response to their impact. We can however, forgive the person even if they haven’t apologized. Forgiveness frees us from carrying resentment, and eliminates the hurtful words from renting free space in our minds. Without knowing it, we’ve probably said things that hurt others too, in the end we’re only human.


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