5 Reasons Your Siblings Are Your Best Friends

5 Reasons Your Siblings are your Best Friends
By Tennille D. Shelley
Reason 1: They never quite bought into the adult version of you and will always help you remember where you came from.
No matter where life takes you, your siblings saw you experience life first. If relatively close in age, your siblings were there to watch how you behaved in school, to learn from your mistakes and to help you get in or out of trouble with your parents. Your siblings saw you experience love for the first time, heartbreak for the first time, friendship for the first time and conflict for the first time. Depending on your birth order, your older siblings probably paved an easier road for you while your younger siblings probably seemed to get by the easy way. As life goes on, your siblings will remember that no matter how successful you’ve become, you once fell off your bike and skinned your knee and may or may not have got caught skipping school.
Reason 2: They were your first secret keepers and probably haven’t forgotten your secrets.
Remember that time in the 90’s, you called the 900 number to talk to New Kids on the Block and got both of your sisters in trouble because you would never confess? Your sister most certainly does, and still hasn’t told your parents she knew. Your siblings were your greatest defenders and probably will be forever. As adults some of the most rewarding conversations are filled with inside jokes and best kept secrets that only you and your siblings will know.
Reason 3: They can give you a look without speaking, and you will instantly know what they think.
Few people find better friends in the world than the siblings you knew growing up. With a look across the room while someone is speaking, a sibling’s expression can cause fits of uncontrollable laughter with the only the two of you knowing what’s funny. A sideways glance speaks volumes of hilarious commentary and instantly you’re excited about the conversation that’s sure to follow. If you’re lucky to have a sibling that’s funny, your parents rue the day the two of you are in the same room while they’re trying hard to be serious. Ordinary friends don’t possess this super power, your siblings are one of a kind.
Reason 4: They are your biggest fans.
Your siblings have watched you fail and succeed, fall and get up, and all the while they were there to cheer you on. Even the siblings you may have fought with as a child prove later in life to be your biggest fans. When tragedy strikes a family, there is no stronger support system than the one that comes from your siblings. Fighting for you even more than you’re willing to fight for yourself, your siblings love knows no judgment and believes that you are capable of anything you ever decide to do.
Reason 5: They are one of a kind and will never be replaced.
No matter how long you’ve gone without speaking, your siblings will always care. They’ve known you your entire life and no matter how hard you try, they will never be replaced. You may find people that remind you of them, but your siblings are one of a kind. From the music they loved to the TV shows they watched, something will always remind you of them. Your sibling or siblings were your first friends in this world and will always be a part of who you are.


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